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9/7/00 - You Can Thank Me Later:
There are 2 very basic HTML tutorials written by me in the features section. Read them if you know nothing about making web pages. Also, Cory made a sweet animation of out site header/logo thingy (You must have Flash installed to view it). Also, I have no better place to put this link, so I'll stick it here. I am working on a site on the server at work, which uses Cold Fusion. Confused? Okay, I don't mean the server actually generates energy from water, Cold Fusion is also a program/language for web sites that is a little more advanced. Check out that site, it has a few fun little things, and a more detailed explanation of what CF really is.

7/28/00 - Game Update:
I decided to release the beta version of Krazy Shapes 95 (v2.9b) for the time being. I will let you all know when 4.0 is ready (which will be the final release). In the meantime, check out the Krazy Shapes 95 page for more info. Also, if anyone has had problems with Landslide, please E-mail me.

6/28/00 - Fancy Pants:
Cory has worked himself to insanity making the new look for the site, and it totally rules. I will be away for one week, but there will (hopefully) be an update of some kind when I get back.

6/16/00 - Yes, This Page is Still Active:
We have 2 new features, so be my friend, and check them out. Finals suck and I hate them. Summer is here so maybe, just maybe, that means I will update more often. Maybe.

5/29/00 - Oooops:
I guess I haven't been updating as often as I should, but we're back! All I have to show for now is a new editorial that's sort of a development journal for Krazy Shapes 2000 (my next game) so I guess just read that now and be happy!

4/15/00 - It Lives:
There is a new editorial, and a new feature. And yes, there is more to come soon. You're probably wondering what the heck I've been doing with my time. Well, one thing of course is SCHOOL, but I've also been working on some other projects. My main focus right now is graphics programming. I've been developing some simple functions for visual basic based around the gdi32.dll and I've also been playing around with DirectX 7.0.

Page Updated: 11/2/00