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Cory Wilson

Hello. My name is Cory Wilson and I do all the graphics and art work for this site. I've been doing this kinda stuff for about 4-5 years. I only have Photoshop 5 and Bryce 3D, so that's what I use. If you have any comments, questions or advise... E-Mail me! I will respond. Oh, yeah. I like games too. First person shooters and real time strategies are my favorite. Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoy the site.

Critical Information

Favorite Programs to Work With: Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Corel Texture Batcher 8, Corel Screen Scan 8

Favorite Games: Half-Life, Starcraft, Unreal, Descent 3, Quake 2, Total Annihilation (not Kingdoms!!)

Favorite Bands: Incubus, Less Than Jake, MxPx, Goldfinger, Spring Heeled Jack, Reel Big Fish

Page Updated: 3/21/00