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1/18/01 - Stuff:
I posted a couple of my projects from web design class in the Features Section so go check it out. A new site map and interface are in the works!

12/14/00 - Overhaul:
You may have noticed the cool new Flash opening Cory did on your way in. Also, I finally put up a couple of editorials that slipped through the cracks over the past few months (okay, so one of them is from May, but that's beside the point).

11/12/00 - Wow, An Update Only 10 Days Later:
I have another fun and exciting HTML Tutorial for everyone. Read it here. Also, if anyone is interested in writing articles/editorials for this site, please contact me!

11/2/00 - No News is Not Good News:
Okay, so I haven't been updating this site at all. Cory and I are both pretty busy with school and work and all that junk. Because Cory is just that much better than me, he has found the time to do another flash project which we will be showing off in the features section. So check it out already!

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