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1/29/00 - New Game Announcement:
Static Lounge is preparing for its next game release! Landslide is a simple tetris clone that I created mainly for practice. You can read about it here. The actual game is complete, I just need to write up some documentation. Also, Cory is away and we all miss him.

1/24/00 - Another Update:
The Drawing Board #4 is up. And we have a counter!

1/21/00 - Breakdown:
Rob has submitted his official resignation from this site, in order to start his own. He has written a final rant. He also pointed out several errors in my last editorial which I will be correcting. I have come to the realization that 3 editorials a week was a bit overzealous. From here on editorials will be updated bi-weekly. Also, I have realized that in the process of creating this site I have lost site of my original target audience. I know I can't please everyone, so the editorials are going to get more complex in order to draw a development-oriented audience. Features is still an ambiguous area and I will attempt to define its general reader group in the coming weeks.

1/19/00 - Back to Work:
We're back and lots of cool stuff is planned for this weekend. Meanwhile, check out the latest Graphic Content.

1/12/00 - A Short Vacation:
Sorry everyone but there will no update until wednesday, January 19, 2000. I'm going away for the long weekend, but when we come back there will be fresh editorials, new features, and a new game preview. See you all then!

1/10/00 - The usual Monday Update:
The third Drawing Board is up. It's on time for a change! This week's topic is 3D games. I will use this one as a background for lots more game-related editorials.

1/7/00 - Friday!
The second Friday Rant is up. Check it out! Happy Birthday Cory!

1/5/00 - More Pictures:
Another "Second Edition" Editorial has been added. This one is a new Graphic Content by Cory Wilson. Enjoy!.

1/4/00 - We Survived:
So we are still alive, and this site is getting into full swing. Okay, so I'm a day late with my editorial, it will never happen again, I'm sorry! Monday... excuse me, Tuesday's issue of The Drawing Board is now online.

12/31/99 - Welcome to Static Lounge:
Uh-oh, here comes the big bad Millenium! Or not. All the areas are up, check them all out. Use the links on the left. There will be 3 Editorials updated weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The Features Section will be updated randomly. Welcome to our humble home, everyone!

12/22/99 - GeckoWeb Becomes Static Lounge:
After another makeover of the site, the annoying faulty CSS files were removed, but the site still looks awesome! New areas will include editorials (not just written by me), and some special features.

Page Updated: 1/29/99