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Recent Features

  • Image Gallery: This is an Image Gallery I made in Web Design Class using Adobe Photoshop. (Posted 1/18/01)
  • Web Glossary: This is a glossary of web design terms, also made in Web Design Class. (Posted 1/18/01)


  • HTML Tutorial #3: Learn to use hyperlinks and images. (Posted 11/12/00)
  • Cory's Flash Project #2: Cory made an awesome animation which will later be the introduction to this site. (Posted 11/2/00)
  • Cory's Flash Project #1: Cory made an awesome animation of the Static Lounge logo, but you need Flash installed to see it. (Posted 9/7/00)
  • HTML Tutorial #1: Learn to make your own website. (Posted 9/7/00)
  • HTML Tutorial #2: Learn more tricks for making cool web pages. (Posted 9/7/00)
  • Picture Gallery: Pictures from all our fun adventures. (Posted 6/16/00)
  • Easter: Find out what Cory thinks about on Easter, because you want to know. (Posted 6/16/00)
  • Babel Fish 2: Babel Fish mangles the site. (Posted 4/15/00)
  • Landslide: My (Logan's) notes on Landslide. What went wrong and what went right. (Posted 3/10/00)
  • Babel Fish: We explore the many short comings of Altavista's Babel Fish. (Posted 12/27/99)

Page Updated: 11/12/00