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Cory Wilson (E-mail Me)

#3 - Who Remembers GeckoWeb?

button1.jpg -

This was the first stab at the Static Lounge, formerly known as Geckoweb. I wasn't really sure where I was going with it because of my failure to understand CSS (Cascading Style Scripts). The space at the bottom was supposed to be for drop down menus of some sort, but it didn't work at all. As always I used PhotoShop 5 with little success. I'm not generally proud of this one. I used the specified green that was determined by Logan of course. I then used the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select it and then the paint bucket to fill it in. Then I used a filter called "Glass" from Eye Candy 3.0 and made that wavy surface. The exact setting I don't remember but it definitely wasn't a high one. So now I'm faced with this water like surface, and as you might have noticed... I don't like things to just STOP. I like them to fade off or not to have a definite or well-defined edge. So I choose to bevel it using the "Inner Bevel" tool, also in the Eye Candy 3.0 list. Now I was faced with the hardest part. Making the text fit and remain legible. I used the font "Franklin Gothic Heavy" at a size of 20. In the "layers" menu is a subgroup called Effects. I use this primarily for text. I used the "Bevel and Emboss" tool at the settings of:

  • Style: Pillow Emboss
  • Angle: 120
  • Depth: 5
  • Blur: 5
  • And the "Up" setting

And the worst thing of all... The whole picture isn't centered! You may not be able to notice it, but put it by itself on a white background and you'll definitely notice.

Page Updated: 1/19/00