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3/24/00 - Landslide goes GOLD:
Landslide received over 1000 downloads within the first month! If you don't have it yet then you're missing out. Get it now! Oh yeah, and there's a sign-up thing for our new mailing list at the bottom of this page. If you sign-up we will notify you of important updates.

3/22/00 - Information Superhighway:
Landslide is nearing 1000 downloads! In the last 24 hours alone it received over 70 downloads. Also, a little info has been added to the bio pages. I may put up a photo gallery soon when I get some pictures developed. Most of them will be random stuff. Computer parts, me and Cory, etc.

3/10/00 - Can't Fake This:
Landslide receives 3 stars from ZDNet! Both the Features Section and the Editorials Section have been updated. I encourage everyone to download Landslide. It already has 331 since February 25th, 2000!

2/27/00 - New Game:
Landslide has been posted by ZDNet! I commend them on their swiftness. There is no review yet, though, that might take a while. So, go to the Landslide page and find all the details, and then download it!

2/25/00 - Sorry for the Wait:
Okay, so I haven't been updating regularly. This is because I've been putting the final touches on Landslide. It has been sent to ZDNet and a couple other FTP servers. As soon as they post it I will let you all know. Meanwhile, check out my latest Editorial.

2/7/00 - Fresh Updates:
There are two new updates in the Editorials Section so check them out. I also moved last month's news to its own page.

Page Updated: 4/15/00