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Graphic Content

Cory Wilson (E-mail Me)

#1 - Balls, Logos, and More

balls.jpg -

I finished this image on 12/22/99. It was a project labeled by boredom. I was playing around in Bryce 3D and Created the two Blue "Plastic" textured balls. I turned the sky black and the ground to reflective water. I then exported several varied versions from the same angle.
In Photoshop I added lightening the same way I did the logo and buttons. That one's my sercret. I then faded out the layers, darkest being the layer furthest away. I simply used the opaque percentage for each layer. I took about 2 hours of time that I should have been studying for Italian. Check out my balls!

quoteofweek.jpg -

This I did in fifteen minutes on 12/26/99. It's simply white text, my patented lightening formula and a black background. Maybe we'll use it for something. Possibly the "Quote of the Week"! I used Photoshop 5 as usual. No frills added.

welcome.jpg -

This I did realizing there wasn't anything to catch the eye of our visitors. So I made a welcome sign, spent hours and then Logan told me the News page was where everyone went to first. We'll put it somewhere. As for now, it's all from Photoshop. This one was made the same way as "quoteofweek.jpg" with the exception of the border. It's just a hallow box that's faded out in between two layers of lightening. I like it though.

lessthanjake.jpg -

I modeled this one after the top left corner of the Hello Rockview Album by Less Than Jake. It took three days to make and was created on 3/30/99. I have to give credit to Corel Photopaint 8 for the stars. I didn't know how to do the transformations so I used Corel. I regret it. They came out like crap. Oh well. It was my backgroung for a month or so. It's an 800x600 image, so click on the link to see the full size picture.

If you have any questions, advice, requests, critiquing or even annoying comments feel free to E-Mail me.

Page Updated: 12/27/99