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Graphic Content

Cory Wilson (E-mail Me)

#4 - New Logos!

dbfull.jpg -

This is the first try at the graphic for Logan's Drawing Board section. I don't even know if he's going to like it because he hasn't seen it yet. I used Corel Texture 8 to produce the frame and the chalkboard background. The "blackboard" part was a preset that caught my eye immediately. It was in the category of Tiles and the sub-category of "Dark Soft". It's pretty good. I was looking to go darker but since the site's background is black it wouldn't have been distinct enough. The frame was from the "Metals" category. The font I found on this CD called "Wardrobe for Windows". The font itself is called "Chalk-". I used the Type tool to type each word separately and then I used the Transformation tool to rotate each one. I didn't plan the way that they fit together but it worked out.

A quick word of advice: Make all Textures bigger than the image. Then figure out the size after typing out the text and then create the frame. Also, always leave space for the frame itself.

Page Updated: 2/7/00