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Graphic Content

Cory Wilson (E-mail Me)

#5 - The Moon

moon.jpg -

This "little ditty" was born on Thursday, February 25. It features a simple black background, a moon, a bar code, some kind of splash, and a bunch of shapes. The moon was a circle with three small transparent circles in it. I then duplicated the layer and made a cut out of it using the Eye Candy filters. Then I jiggled it and put the original behind it. The bar code was created using the Corel 8 BAR CODE wizard. It's just a bunch of random numbers. I then duplicated that and added a slight jiggle to it. I made the jiggled layer at 50% opacity and the original at 40% opacity. The rest are just some brushes I found laying around on some CD I have. The rest was just arrangement.

Page Updated: 3/10/00