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Logan Everett

What's up everybody? Welcome to my humble website. I've been doing HTML for about 2 or 3 years now, but just recently I've moved up to working with Style Scripts (CSS for short). I also really like programming, or "coding" as we cool people call it. I've worked with Visual Basic a lot and I'm learning C++. My favorite types of games are First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy Games. I prefer to use my programming skillz for games, but sometimes I make a utility when I really need it. As webmaster of this site I am now protector of all that is good in the world.

Critical Information

Favorite Programs to Work With: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Ace FTP, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3

Favorite Games: Starcraft, Unreal, Final Fantasy III, Half-Life, Secret of Mana

Favorite Bands: Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, Fuel

Page Updated: 3/21/00