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Krazy Shapes 95 v2.9

Download via ZDNet

Platform: Win95/98/NT 4.0

Genre: Puzzle

Development: Programmed by Logan Everett using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0

Description: Krazy Shapes 95 is a simple puzzle game for Windows. There is a grid of four images, and you must rearrange the images to line them up by color and/or shape. You then get a score based on how many lines you can create. You can also switch a few bonus pieces with other pieces on the grid. Bonus pieces can be used as any color or shape, depending on the lines they are in. There is a high score list and a few options that affect scoring and gameplay. There are sound effects and music to add to the experience.

Krazy Shapes v2.9 is here! New features include:

  • Themes, which allow the game to use new images, and change the color of the border around a selected square.
  • Options will now be saved.
  • The New/Done button will be represented by two seperate pictures, which can be changed by the theme, rather than the boring old buttons.
  • More detailed help. It will include new documentation for the Theme System, the Theme Editor, and a detailed explanation of scoring (due to request by ZDNet and everyone I know who played the game).

Scoring: Scoring is a little complex but people seem to like knowing how it is done, so here goes. First, the number of lines created is multiplied by a variable based on the number of shapes (One of the options). 3 shapes=x1, 4 shapes=x2, 5 shapes=x3. So lines in a 5 shape game or worth 3 times as much as lines in a 3 shape game. Then the number of Bonus Extras available is subtracted from the score, regardless of how many of them are actually used in the final grid. And that's all there is to it.

Screen Shots: Here are some screenshots of Krazy Shapes v2.9:

Screenshot #1 - This is a picture of the new 3D theme in action.

Screenshot #2 - This is the built-in theme editor interface.

Screenshot #3 - This is the theme selection dialog box.

What's Next?: There will be one more release (v4.0), possible under a different name. Some name ideas I had are: Krazy Shapes 2000, Krazy Shapes Gold, Krazy Shapes Ultra, Krazy Shapes Millenium. Basically, I'm looking for a cool new number or word to tac onto the end, instead of 95. I will be keeping development journals as I work towards this final release.

Development Journals:

Page Updated: 7/28/99